To Do

Stuff we need to organise to make this happen

  • Date - there is talk of BarCampSydney on the 27th June, with a Government 2.0 stream - perhaps during the week before (e.g. Thursday 25th)? - @Chieftech DONE
  • Venue (ideally central Sydney?) DONE
  • Work out the format for the event DONE see on the night
  • Do we need to pre-sell tickets (suggest using Eventbrite) DONE
  • Somewhere to go after (maybe not required if the venue has a bar of its own???) - @Chieftech *DONE** we've picked Alexandria Hotel
  • A way to record and share what happens - will @hollingsworth and @adevenish work on dealing with this?
  • A copy of DVD version (it will look better when projected on a big screen) - I'll work on getting a copy from the UK - @Chieftech DONE
  • Anything else?

Assuming the venue doesn't have a projector or large white wall. I can provide a Projector and if needed a screen, but I'll need a lift as the screen is 7' long. patrickkelso

Venue Option
One of my colleges runs a warehouse space in Marrickville (close to Sydenham station):
Our space is Dirty Shirlows
32 Shirlow Street
NSW 2204

Venue cost: $150
Projector and screen: $40

Capacity is 100 (we can squeeze in more but would prefer not to)- at a stretch 150.
520m2 but the venue is about 250m2
There's a stage with a drum riser
We provide a PA with ok sounding mics. Our foldback is really basic- just a guitar amp.
We have a 'beer by donation' bar- i.e. we don't have a liquor licence but people can donate to the warehouse and we'd provide them with a thankyou beer each time they donate if you get my drift.

We'd run the bar and P.A.

I have attached some pics.

really, it depends on what you're after. Our place is pretty rugged. If you're after something neat and artsy see below:

There's a cool small warehouse artspace called Curious Works in the city: which I think would be highly suitable.
I like the location of this one, but what does anyone else think? - @Chieftech
Looks good to me too. They also have desk, mics, cables and stands if I can't source anything gratis. Though form will probably have a greater bearing on the best audio solution. - @adevenish

Or I'd also suggest a Town Hall.

Or Bill and George in Redfern :


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