Want to watch and discuss the Us Now movie in Sydney?

What is the Us Now movie?

The Us Now movie "takes a look at how this type of participation could transform the way that countries are governed. It tells the stories of the online networks whose radical self-organising structures threaten to change the fabric of government forever."

Stuck here in the southern hemisphere, we missed out on the launch of the Us Now movie in London and Harvard. But as the movie is freely available online, there is no reason why we can't stage our own local 'event' (and very much in the spirit of Us Now!). So, are you interested in taking part in an informal meet up in Sydney, to watch and discuss the movie? Once we start to see that people are interested, we'll think about picking a date and a location (we've got a few things on the To Do list to sort out - can you help?).

When and where is this going to happen?

  • Thursday 7th July, 2009
  • 6pm for 6.15pm start until 8pm, followed by drinks and more conversation somewhere nearby

* The Atrium, IBM Building, 601 Pacific Hwy, St Leonards (near St Leonards train station or off street parking is available in the area)

  • Please note that the venue for Us Now Sydney has now changed to the Australian Technology Park at Redfern. For details on how to get there by car, train (exit via Platform 10 at Redfern Station) or bus.
  • If you plan to attend, you must register online.

Staying in the loop

We're going to use #usnowsydney as a hashtag, but check #usnow too!

Please register your interest

To register your interest, just edit this page and add your name to the list: (Tip: To edit this page, you'll need to have a wikidot account)

No. Your Name How can we contact you? Preferred date for the event
1 James Dellow chieftech Ideally not 22/6 or 24/6
2 Andrew Devenish-Meares adevenish out of town 22-23/6 on leave unit 28th tho
3 Patrick Kelso patrickkelso 22/6, 29/6, 1/7 or 2/7 only
4 Tony Hollingsworth hollingsworth 29/6 good, but am flexible
5 Allison Hornery allisonhornery pretty flexible
6 John Wells johnw3lls flexible
7 b3rn b3rn The 2nd week is better
8 Diana Mounter broccolini not 22/6 in Canberra
9 Reem Abdelaty reemski not 22/6 in Canberra
10 Belinda miscdebris just not 3/7
11 Gregg Amos gamos flexible except 23 & 30/6
12 Adam Bramwell adski flexible
13 Rachel Macdonald cyberiagirl sister having baby round then so who knows!
14 Janine Cahill janinecahill maybe after barcamp sydney
15 Jodie Miners jodiem Great that it's after #bcs5
16 Matthew Landauer matthewlandauer mostly flexible
17 Katherine Szuminska katska flexible
18 Your name etc anything else you need to say :-)

(Add your name etc by following the pattern of the rows above you)

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